The elbow and shoulder
Elbow and shoulder conditions can be more than just painful, they can interfere with your daily life, preventing you from doing even the simplest of tasks. Fortunately, Dr. Topper provides effective solutions for the full range of problems that can affect these two important areas of the arm.

Athletic ligament injuries, elbow fractures and tennis elbow are just some of the conditions of the elbow that Dr. Topper treats. He also offers a revolutionary method of treating cubital tunnel syndrome, one that focuses on the preservation of blood supply to the nerve, allowing for a faster recovery. For arthritic conditions of the elbow, Dr. Topper offers both arthroscopic repair and elbow replacement surgery. Both can provide effective, lasting relief.

Dr. Topper can repair most shoulder disorders with arthroscopic surgery, which is a less invasive alternative to traditional open surgery that offers minimal scarring and a faster recovery time. He treats everything from rotator cuff injuries, arthritic conditions and bursitis to tendonitis, cartilage tears and shoulder instability/dislocations.