Advanced surgical solutions.
Dr. Topper has performed thousands of surgeries to help people get back to a normal lifestyle as quickly and painlessly as possible. He offers a wealth of training and experience in today’s state-of-the-art techniques, including arthroscopy and endoscopic surgery. Both of these approaches minimize the invasive nature of many procedures and speed recovery. Surgeries that traditionally required extended hospital stays can often be performed now on an outpatient basis.

Dr. Topper is a founder of the American Hand Institute, an organization of like-minded surgeons dedicated to advancing the art of minimally invasive surgery. For more information, please visit the American Hand Institute (

The hand
• Skier’s thumb – Dr. Topper uses the revolutionary bioabsorbable fixation technique that requires no metal and results in a rapid recovery time.

• Flexor tendon injuries – Dr. Topper’s expertise in this area was recognized by a book chapter he was asked to write on the subject in The Textbook of hand surgery.

• Arthritis at basal thumb joint – Arthroscopic arthroplasty is now available.

• Osteoarthritis and Tendinitis – Autologous conditioned plasma injections stimulate the body to heal using its own proliferative and morphogenesis proteins. With this therapy, surgery can often be avoided.

• Distal radial fracture – Dr. Topper treats this with internal fixation, which can help get the wrist moving within days after surgery, not months as with previous methods.

• Birth defects – Dr. Topper offers special expertise and experience for the smallest patients among us, having served for four years as a consultant for hand surgery at a Shriner’s Hospital for crippled children.